tiwari and sons find that the bank balance shown by their cash book on December31, 2006 is Rs.40500 (credit) but the pass book shows a difference due to the following reasons:
a) a cheque for Rs. 5000 was drawn in favour of manoharhas not yet been presented for payment.
b) a post dated cheque for Rs. 900 has been debited in the bank column of the cash book but it could not have been presented in any case.
c) cheques totallingRs10,200 deposited with the bank have not yet been collected and an another cheque for Rs. 4000 deposited in the account has been dishonoured.
d) a bill payable for Rs. 10000 was retired by the bank under a rebate of Rs. 150 but full amount of the bill was credited in the bank column of the cash book.
prepare a bank reconciliation statement and find out the balance as per pass book.

Bank Reconciliation Statement
as on 31st Dec 2006
S. No. Particulars Plus Items (Rs) Minus
Items (Rs)
  Balance as per Cash Book (Cr.)   40,500
(a) Add: Cheque drawn not presented 5,000  
(b) Less: Post dated cheque debited in Cash Book   900
(c) Less: Cheque deposited not collected   10,200
(c) Less: Cheque deposited and dishonoured   4,000
(d) Add: Bill retired under rebate 150  
  Overdraft Balance as per Pass Book 50,450  
    55,600 55,600

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