show an accounting equation on the basis of transactions.
1) Sunil started business with cash rs 150000.
2) he purchased a building and furniture with cash 100000.
3) he purchased goods from ram on credit rs 50000.
4) he paid cartage rs 500.
5) he sold to Shayam on credit goods costing rs 6000 for rs 9000.
6) received rent from tenants rs 1000.
7) received security deposits from tenants rs 1500
8) purchased stationary for cash rs 100
9) invested in shares (personal) rs 50000
10) received interest in cash rs 200.
11) introduced fresh capital rs 25000.
12) goods destroyed by fire rs 500.

1) add the amount to cash n capital
  • 1
2) add the amount to building and furniture n deduct it from cash
  • 1
3) add it in goods and creditors column under liability
  • -3
4) deduct it from cash n capital
  • 1
5) deduct 6,000rs from goods, add 9,000rs to debtors column under liability and add 3,000rs to capital
  • -1
6) add it to cash n capital
  • -5
(1)- Hrithik started business with cash rs- 150000 (2)-He purchased a building and furniture for rs-100000 (3)-He purchased goods from ram on credit rs-50000 (4)- he paid to cartage rs- 500 (5)- he sold to shayam on credit costing rs- 6000 for rs-9000 (6)-Recived rent from tenants rs-1000 (7)- Recived security deposit from tenants rs-1500 (8)-Purchased stationery for cash rs-100 (9)-Invested in share (personal) rs-50000 (10)-Recived interest in cash rs-200 (11)-Introduced fres capital rs-25000 (12)-Goods destroyed by fire rs-500
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