Plz answer question no. 11 ASAP

Plz answer question no. 11 ASAP qualitative characteristics Of Delhi in their Saxes explain any three limitations of accounting• Ki snore&SOOS, afO.Record the following transactions Of M/S• 2018 March I Sold to Ws Gupta on credit: 30 shirts 400 each 20 trousers 600 each Less: Trade Discount @10% March 8 Sold old furniture to M/s.SehgaL&Co., Delhi on c March 17 Sold 50 shirts on credit to M/s. Jain & Sons, 400 each. March 27 Sold on credit to M/s. Mathur & Jain, Kolkata If. 100 shirts @ each. 10 overcoats @ 1,000 each Less: Trade Discount @10% at is GST? State any three objective of GST.

Dear student please refer the following link for solution under the head introduction to GST . REGARDS

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