please explain ts grewal 2015 question 38 without adjusted cash book please! early as possible

Hi Amit

The solution to your query is provided below:

Bank Reconciliation Statement
as on ….
Particulars Plus
Bank Balance as per Cash Book (Cr.)   80,000
(ii) Cheques omitted to enter in Cash Book 3,000  
(v) Bank Charges recorded twice 100  
(vii) Cheques issued but dishonoured on technical grounds 3,000  
(viii) Bills collected by bank directly 20,000  
(iii) Cheques recorded in Cash Book but not sent for collection   10,000
(iv) Credit side of bank column casted short   1,000
(vi) Customer’s cheque returned   4,000
(ix) Cheque received entered twice in Cash Book   5,000
Overdraft Balance as per Pass Book (Dr.) 73,900  
  1,00,000 1,00,000

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