how do we solve these quest.

1.Overdraft as per cashbook is given....

Cheques of 3400...were deposited in bank on 29th septbut bank credited on 1st oct 1300 onli..and on cheque was dishonoued of rs 250 and returned by them...

Prepare brs as on 30 sept 2012

Wt does it mean when bank credits an amnt to our account?

2. Cashbook favourable bal. Is given.

A debit appeared in bank statement for rs 100 for unpaid cheque..which hqd been

Bank Reconciliation Statement

as on September 30, 2012 

S. No.


Plus Items (Rs)

Minus Items 



Overdraft balance as per Cash Book




Cheque deposited but not cleared




Cheque dishonoured




Balance as per Pass Book











The amount credited by Bank in our account implies that our bank balance has increased. This results in the difference between the pass book and cash book balances, as Cash Book is unupdated till the date we get to know about this. In the concerned question, the cheques of amount 1,300 were credited by Bank on Oct 01 which is after September 30. Therefore, we subtract this amount of 1,300.

The second part of your question seems to be incomplete. Please clarify your question and do get back to us.

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