from the following particulars of khannaand co . prepare bank reconciliation statement as on 30th june 2017 . 1. debit balance as per pass book 2400 2. cheques for 8500 paid into bank in the month of june but cheques for 4700 were credited by bank till 30th june 3. of the cheques drawn on 20th june for 3600 a cheque for 1100 was presented for payment on july 3 and a cheque for 200 had not presented so far.4. on scrutiny it was found that bank had given wrong credit for 300 5. interest on overdraft debited by bank 400 6. bank column of payment side of cash book was undercast by 1000

Dear Student,

Bank Reconciliation as on 30 june 2017:
 Particulars  Amount (Rs.)
 1. Debit balance as per pass book  (2400)
 2. Cheque of 8500 paid to bank and only 4700 credited to bank   3800
 3. Cheque issued for 3600 and 1300 were not presented  (1300)
 4. Bank given wrong credit  (300)
 5. Interest on overdraft debited  400
 6. bank column of payment side of cash book undercasted  100
 balance as per cash book  300


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