From the following particulars of asha and co.prepare a bank reconcillation statement on December 31 2013
over draft as per passbook                                20000
  interest on over draft                                         2000
insurance premium paid by the bank              200
cheque issued but not presented for payment      6500
cheque deposited but not yet cleared                      6000
wrongly debited by the bank                                        500

 Dear Student,
Bank Reconciliation Statement of Asha & Co. as on.. 31 Dec 2013
S. No. Particulars Plus Items (Rs) Minus Items (Rs) Total
  Overdraft as per the Pass Book      (20,000)
   Interest on overdraft (It would be debited by Bank, so added back)  2,000    
   Insurance premium paid by Bank
(It would be debited by Bank, so added back)
   Cheque issued but not presented for payment    (6500)  
   Cheque deposited but not yet cleared  6,000    
   Wrongly debited by Bank   500    
  Total 8,700  (6,500)  2,200
  Overdraft as per Cash Book      (17,800)


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