any easy way to learn b.r.s plsss reply...


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Start from the balance of one book, you have to reach the balance of the other book.

Remove all the things (by addtion or subtraction) which are in First Book, but not in Second Book.

Include all the things (by addtion or subtraction) which are in Second Book, but not in First Book.

Some amounts are in both Books, but amount is different in both, then accept the balance in Second Book, and remove the balance in First Book.

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its very easy . just learn it proprly  u should know all the shrtcuts of the transactions 

then u'll love to do brs

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I would like to learn BRS prepation

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the easiest way is not to learn it......its just to understand the transaction..... i think brs is the easiest one in whole book but only when u understand it....without understanding its the toughest topic for try just to understand the transactions it will help u out of every difficult problem..... all d best..!!!
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In the easy way BRS is the study of c/b &p/b
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