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NCERT solutions are extremely useful for students as this segment includes detailed answers to the questions mentioned in NCERT textbooks. These solutions help students get the underlying concepts of each chapter (in respective subjects) and they can compare their answers with the same.

How will NCERT Solutions help you study better?

  • FREE online questions and model answers for all classes
  • Complete and customized answers for each question in consonance with NCERT textbooks
  • Extensively researched solutions created by subject matter experts
  • Answers have been framed in lucid and easy to understand language
  • Videos and animations to support the solutions of difficult questions in Mathematics
  • Answers enhanced with graphs and illustrations for better comprehension of concepts
  • Easy and quick access of chapter-wise questions and answers
  • Topics and concepts explained thoroughly with appropriate examples
  • Helpful for quick revisions during examination or tests

NCERT solutions are one of the biggest contributors in effective exam preparation for CBSE students. Why students prefer studying using these textbook solutions over other sources is due to the recurring instances of similar questions appearing in CBSE Board exam question papers. The questions and solutions are simplified, but clear all possible doubts easily for students is what makes teachers, tutors and parents recommend NCERT textbooks.

The NCERT solutions offered by us are arranged in an extremely efficient manner. Mirroring the order of chapters and topics in the textbooks, the answers give students the opportunity to explore the traditional or evident method of completing a question. The solutions are smart, which means that they reach the conclusion using the ideal method, and do not confuse students. The language is straightforward, saving students’ time and effort taken in preparation.

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